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In Christ
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Heralds of the Second Coming

On Sunday at 5pm eastern time Vericast welcomes Stephen Walford author of “Heralds of the Second Coming”. Have the popes been giving us clues that Christ’s return is just around the corner? Catch the show and call in with your questions. See you there.

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True Manhood (CLIP) (by vericastnetwork)

A clip from “True Manhood” Catch the full episode here: This clip doesn’t even scratch the surface of how awesome this episode was. DESCRIPTION: What does it mean to be a TRUE man? How is it different from the culture of modern so-called “men”?

Discredit Catholicism?  HA!
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A clip from “Marian Apparitions” (FULL EPISODE, this segment offers some words of support for Catholics who may sometimes be shaken up by arguments they hear which try to “Discredit the Church”. In short, one cannot discredit the Church without being departed from logic, reason, and facts